About Me

My Mission

I believe that music has the power to unlock our greatest potential – emotionally, intellectually and creatively – and is essential to our growth. I specialize in helping children discover music.

I love to see how music can comfort and uplift them, and give them a safe place to express themselves. My music lessons focus on fun and well-being.

Private Lessons

I am proud to offer private music lessons on piano and ukulele to students age five and up, and lessons on guitar and trumpet to students age 10 and up. I want to know what musically interests each individual student. That’s where we begin to build.

Some of my students prefer a traditional approach. We study how to read and play sheet music. We explore music theory, scales, and exercises. 

Some students prefer to learn songs by ear or by using chord charts. I encourage all students to create their own music. It is my goal to help students create their own music and express themselves.

I offer music lessons both at my home and at students’ homes.

Music Classes

Mr. Jason’s Musical Caring Classes use music and movement to engage children in a multi-sensory learning experience that is both fun and nurturing. Kids of every age can develop fine and gross motor skills, creativity, dramatic play and expression, musicality, listening skills and much more with songs designed to educate in important areas of early childhood development and emotional awareness.

Mr. Jason’s classes encourage participation with irresistible melodies, the use of dance, scarves and percussion instruments. Musicality, creativity, and sensitivity to children’s needs make Mr. Jason a popular teacher among schools and students. He believes that every child has unique gifts and strives to bring out the best in everyone through music.

About Me

I am currently a music teacher with Sing A Song LLC, where I teach music classes to over 100 children in schools in and around Essex County, NJ every week. I recently retired after nine years as Music Minister with Greenpoint Reformed Church of Brooklyn, NY.

I hold a Masters degree in Music Performance from Hunter College and performed as a professional musician with jazz and rock bands in New York City for fifteen years. My wife is an LCSW therapist and we have three young children (a girl and twin boys)

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