Songs for My Friends is an album of songs and skits I wrote and perform for children in my classes. Hear the songs below or by visiting my Bandcamp page.

Songs for My Friends comprises songs* and skits for my music classes in order to help children grow in emotional intelligence. Verbalizing our feelings is an important first step to manage them better, as the songs emphasize. Some of the songs demonstrate ways of managing our feelings through play and our relationships with others.

It has been a delight to see how all of these songs have engaged and uplifted my students. They call me Mr. Jason and I respect and care for each one as a true friend. It is my hope that these recordings will allow the songs and lessons to be enjoyed by even more children and families beyond my classes.

*The only song on this album not created for my classes is “Goodnight to You, My Love,” which I wrote for my own children and hope it may be enjoyed by many more.

released March 19, 2020

All songs written and recorded by Jason Benjamin
True Libra Music (ASCAP) Copyright 2020
“I Can Say My Feelings” uses the melody of the traditional song, “Frère Jacques.” Original lyrics and arrangement by Jason Benjamin

All instruments and lead vocals by Jason Benjamin

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